What a Task!

I read these words from Jeanne Guyon this morning.  Ever considered what it would take to actually bring ourselves into connection with God?  This morning, she made me think about it:

“To unite two things so opposite as the purity of God and the impurity of the creature, the simplicity of God and the multiplicity of man, much more is required than the efforts of the creature.

Nothing less than an operation of the Almighty can every accomplish this, because two things must have similarity before they can become one.  The impurity of dross cannot be united with the purity of gold.”

She proceeds to challenge that feeling deep down in each of us that we could actually do something towards this end aside from the passive movement of yielding control to One who truly can work.  He alone is Purifier and Shaper.

Some things are just better off when we remove our hands.  Our own lives might be like that, according to my friend Jeanne.


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