A Poem

A limerick for you…

The trek from a boy to a man
Can carry some growing demands.
Our Topaz’s life
Was causing some strife
So we swapped it for this fine Grand Am!

If you know anyone in the market for an ’89 beater that still has some life in it, direct them my way.  We can barter!


5 thoughts on “A Poem

  1. The first limerick I ever wrote I still remember:

    There once was a boy named Clyde
    Who went to the fair to ride
    But when he got there
    He said Look over there
    At that cute girl on the other side.

    Whoops, didn’t remember it being that racy.


  2. After last weeks declaration of undying commitment to the Topaz now you’re just bartering it away??? After so many years of faithful service… bet that newer car feels pretty nice though…


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