Unashamed Love

I’ve been introduced to the music of Jason Morant recently.  Seriously good stuff for me in the past couple weeks.  He sings a song called “Unashamed Love”.  Sometimes song lyrics are a dumb thing to post on a blog, I realize.  Minus the music and voice, these could easily just look like words; just more typing on an already cluttered net.

But here it is for what it’s worth.  I’m loving that chorus lately–simple and focusing for a frequently distracted fellow like myself.

You’re callin’ me to lay aside
The worries of my day,
To quiet down my busy mind and
Find a hiding place.
Worthy, You are worthy.

I open up my heart and
Let my spirit worship Yours.
I open up my mouth and
Let a song of praise come forth.
Worthy, You are worthy…

Of a childlike faith
And of my honest praise
And of my unashamed love.
Of a holy life
And of my sacrifice
And of my unashamed love.


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