Sixteen days since my last post… what the heck?  The last couple weeks have just been a-runnin’.  A few of the  highlights…

The chance to host our friend Jesse in the Queen city.  Jesse’s an American who taught in the same Chinese city with us, and his work just happened to bring him up to Regina two weeks ago–it was a treat.

Last weekend saw us in Calgary for a visit to the McMillan home… and Ikea.  Time with our only nephew and nieces is always fun–thanks to Steve & Beck for hosting us.

We hosted the  Tucker family this weekend for the first time in quite a while–very nice to have the time together.  It again made us grateful for the home we have; it’s nice to have a place to welcome people into.

Tomorrow sees Shannon head out of town for an overnight trip; it will likely see me head to my “second office” in the back of the public library.

More blogging this week…


2 thoughts on “Whoa!

  1. Glad you came back, after a flurry of activity in January, I was wondering what happened. Glad you have had the chance to enjoy family – I miss those nephew/nieces we share…


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