Thoughts ever feel like that?!

Mine have lately.

There was a day when I thought I was a decent thinker, able to sort through piles and come out fairly orderly on the other side.

Yeah, there WAS such a day.

But to quote Aragorn… “But it is not this day.”

These days are more about praying and hoping: Praying for things like clarity, perspective, and wisdom.  And hoping that prayers really do get heard and really do get answered.

And some days are just like that, in this little life.


2 thoughts on “Confusion

  1. I am right there alongside you Jason. These days I’m so busy I’m not sure if today is Friday or Tuesday… Is it Thursday today? Let me check my watch… ok today is Thursday. I think.

    My spiritual life is in that same ballpark too. I’m in a play so that and work means I get up, go to work, go to play and then go to bed. For the past month. But the play is almost to go to performances… My prayers are about the same too.


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