Football Season

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a football lover… now, that’s the beautiful game.

So hailing a couple of the most exciting guys I’ve seen, here’s a few highlights from…

Barry Sanders

 Reggie Bush

It’s got to be fun to be THAT good at something!


5 thoughts on “Football Season

  1. What?! I watched most of those but must have been doing more eye-ing than ear-ing. For future viewers, take advantage of John’s pre-screening service and hit the mute button if you wish!

    Yeah, what do you do?! How people have concluded that sports highlights (especially NBA and NFL) always have to have harsh, “urban” (whatever that means) music in the background is a bit of mystery to me.

  2. football is good. but futball is also good. wanna play? co-ed? church of christ futball club (CCFC). what better way to pastor your church than to play soccer? think about it.


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