Divine Tag (13/30)

When one thinks of seeking God or pursuing Him, there is built into that idea a concept that He can be reached or caught at some point. On that thought comes this bit from a little book called “The Heart of a God Chaser”…

“Catching Him. Really, it’s an impossible phrase.

We can no more catch Him than the east can catch the west; they’re too far removed from each other. It’s like playing chase with my daughter. I really don’t have to run. I just artfully dodge this way and then that, and she can’t even touch me, because a six-year-old can’t catch an adult. But that’s really not the purpose of the game, because a few minutes into it, she laughingly says, “Oh, Daddy,” and it’s at that moment that she captures my heart, if not my presence or body. And then I turn and she’s no longer chasing me, but I’m chasing her, and I catch her and we tumble in the grass with hugs and kisses. The pursuer becomes the pursued.”

So if you’ve been seeking a touch lately, enter the game. Chase your Father, knowing that He loves to play!

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