Sports Post #1: Wendell Clark

The Toronto Maple Leafs are honouring Wendell Clark tonight, and I’m using this as my chance to say that this guy was always one of my favourite players.  I once made an “I-know-I’m-a-sucker” hockey card deal because the bait on the other end was Wendell’s $4 rookie card… which I still own!

Seriously, this guy was the total package for a hockey player, so Wendell, I salute you, you Saskatchewan boy, you!

A few highlights from this video…

2:16 – This is still one of the most solid hits I’ve ever seen.

3:16 – This looks like UFC and is but one example of why I believe that the only guys who ever “dropped them” with Wendell were guys who SHOULD HAVE been on medication of some sort.  There’s just no way…

3:39 – One shot.

4:09 – Wendell was great, but maybe not quite… you know.


2 thoughts on “Sports Post #1: Wendell Clark

  1. Nic, I thought of posting a blurb about Patrick Roy too, but I grew up in a Hab-crazy town and always called him Patricia just to rile people up. I figured doing a tribute to him would surely come back to bite me in some way… so I went with Wendell instead.


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