Those Asians (22/28)

Some of you know that we run an approved mental health home.  This involves living with and caring for four adults who need a little extra structure and guidance to keep their lives running smoothly.  When I say it that way, I think that I could stand to move in on most days.

Anyway, one of our fellows gets things mixed up sometimes.  He listens to the radio and TV as do many of us, but he comes out consistently with things I can’t imagine were actually in any broadcast. on the planet.  But you can be sure that it keeps his stories fresh–I can assure you of that!

A couple days ago, he came upstairs while I was at work.  He’d been listening to something about the Masians. but seemed a bit confused.  Shannon is right there with him in that state, as he shares what he’s “heard”.  Eventually, she gets enough info to deduce that he MEANS to say “Asians”.

Apparently, some programs add a silent M to the front.  Or he heard some redneck broadcaster ranting about “them Asians”, and transferred the M from word to word.  Or none of the above.

Mystery solved.

When Shannon pointed out to him that it was “Asians”, he did that nod and rolling “ohhhh”, as we all do upon enlightenment.  Then he added a question…

“Where’s Asia?  Is that in the states?”


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