Early Morning Banking

I must be getting older.

It used to be that I could count on one hand the times in few years that I had trouble sleeping. Now, it only takes me six months to busy my fingers.

Doing some early morning email catch-up then, I opened a message from Kiva. They were telling me that some of my loans had been repaid to me–did I want to lend it out again.

So in the time that I usually am still sleeping, I’ve now started my day with making some small loans to two entrepreneurs: Bakhadur Agayev in Azerbaijan and Gloria Okeke in Nigeria. A look at my “portfolio” says that some of my dollars are currently loaned out to people in Cameroon, Cambodia and Nicaragua as well.

It’s actually kind of crazy when I think about it.

If you haven’t yet explored the world of micro-loans or microcredit, you may be overdue. Kiva is just one of the better known options. Explore a bit, and you might be shocked what a little bit of your hard-earned money could do for someone else’s hard-earned money.

PS: As I was finishing up my micro-loans, Emmanuelle woke up.  So here’s a shot of her making her first micro-loan with Dad.


She’s like that investment-making, talking baby on TV…

Just cuter.


One thought on “Early Morning Banking

  1. What a beautiful family there. Just missing one sleeping person. Well if you have problmes sleeping now it only gets worse. Mom and dad don’t sleep as much anymore. A few winks and they are up again. Something to do with getting older.


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