A Message to Dwight Howard

Hi my friend,

I mean to tell you that I’m sorry. I’ve always been a fan. Even before you were drafted, I read an article about you that made me think that you’d be an easy guy to root for. And I have, quietly. I’ve been happy for you for every bit of success you’ve tasted because you seem like a guy capable of taking it in proper stride and “representing well” as you go.

But I confess: I doubted. The NBA East may be least in recent years, but since you entered the league, it’s always had a tough Pistons team or a rebuilt Celtics squad or a Lebron-centered Cavs gang. Many, including myself, couldn’t see your Magic as anything more than second fiddle for the foreseeable future.

Well, forgive my short-sightedness. It was in this space, only five weeks ago, that I posted “No Contest”, in which I lamented the fact that everyone and their dogs knew that Lebron VS Kobe was predestined for the finals.

No contest? Hmm.

So I say, “Sorry, Big Man.” You’ve made a few believers out here, and now there’s at least one more butt planted firmly on the “Beat L.A.” bandwagon.

Let’s go Superman!



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