Riders ’09: Game 1


Five fumbles. Three interceptions. One turnover on downs and a blocked punt.

And we won.

That’s why football is better than figure skating and high diving… because you can be far from pretty and still win. All I want to see is I learn (and I mean quickly) how to protect that ball.

That said, I admit that I was expecting a loss to open the season. But amidst the turnovers, I saw some good stuff: An offense that got the job done, a Darian Durant who would have had a very solid game with one or two mistakes taken back, Congi is money again, and feistier defensive line than we’ve seen in a while. Nine sacks. NINE… in a game! There were months last year that we didn’t register nine sacks. Our running game wasn’t anything to brag about, but it was enough to keep BC’s defense honest, and it will climb as Cates and Makowsky return.

Overall, 1-0 looks good in what some of us fear could be a bit of rebuilding year. Keep fighting, boys, and we just might surprise some folks this season.

And in case you missed it, here’s the summary…



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