Riders ’09: Game 2


I’ve never seen a second quarter like that.  The whole quarter was a thrashing for Toronto.  When we blocked that punt for a TD right near half-time–absolute back-breaker.

Other notes:

  • A few more sacks on a mobile QB–I like to see that.
  • Stevie Baggs’ spin move on Rob Murphy was a thing of beauty.
  • Dressler would look good in a Rider uniform for his entire career, I do believe.
  • Hugh Charles is making our time without Wes Cates a lot easier than I was expecting.
  • Eric Morris runs hard on returns.  Dare I say, we may be poised to actually put the “special” in special teams this season.

I’ll always take a win, and 2-0 sounds nice.  But…

Montreal will be a test, and my humble prediction is that we’ll be 2-1 when week 3 is finished.

But for now, we’re talking about a win.  Cue the video…



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