Riders ’09: Game 3



There’s usually some pleasure to saying, “I knew that was going to happen,” but not so much this time.  Let’s review the obvious lessons we’ve learned this week:

  • Montreal is currently the team to beat in the CFL, no question.
  • Despite the loss, our defense continues to come up with big plays at big times.  Montreal isn’t a turnover-team, but we forced them into a few.
  • Sacks are not a given, and the Montreal O-line may be the best there is this year.
  • Ben Cahoon’s catch in the fourth quarter (I think) was a thing of beauty.  Yes, I’m speaking of the one that he caught on the other side of the defender’s helmet.
  • Darian Durant isn’t Anthony Calvillo, but if he keeps learning, he’ll be all right.
  • Wes Cates isn’t 100% yet, but it was nice to have him back in the lineup.

We’ve got 15 games to go to get to begin peaking.  Hopefully, this past game serves us up some significant lessons and valuable experience with which to move forward.

Next week: Let’s welcome Richie Hall back to town… rudely.



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