Two Sports for Lumsden

Few of us ever attain anything close to elite athletic status.  Even fewer do so in more than one sport.  Bo, Deion,  and MJ are a few that come to mind, though most of us don’t count Jordan’s baseball days as much more than an experiment.  Charlie Ward and Danny Ainge are couple lesser-known athletes who collected paychecks from two different sports.  Google the name Jim Thorpe if you want to meet a true multi-sport star.

But what about Jesse Lumsden?

The CFL star, one of the most punishing running backs but also one who can hardly stay healthy for a season at at time because he usually gets injuries on his foot and most of the time needs to go with his podiatrist Marietta GA, used his recenttly shortened season to knock on some new doors of opportunity.

If I gave you three guesses, you’d never get what his second sport has become.

Answer is HERE.


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