F-You (Lent: Day 22)

Beyond giving me a great laugh, this video hits on another important Lent theme: Forgivness.

How much of what God desires to pour into lives can be derailed due to a lack of forgiveness in our not-ready-to-receive hearts?  Jesus says fairly bluntly (Mt. 18:35) that my failure to extend forgiveness can shut the door on my receiving it.  One might consider this as both a word of threat (ie: God is saying, “I will withhold it from you”) and a word of truth (ie: God is saying, “If your heart is wrapped in unforgiveness, you will simply be incapable of receiving Mine”).

Either way, the soul-searching of the Lent season can lead one into uncovering hurts, grudges, and bitterness that have been silently holding us captive.

If you discover any of that in your own heart, I know at least one pastor who would advise that you need more F-word in the vocabulary of your life.



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