Basement Treasures

Over the past week, we have been sifting through boxes in our basement. Many of these contain “memories” from childhood, high school, and university years.

Here are a few sweet treasures we found tonight:

First Championship
I can still remember carrying trophy around the ice.  My Mom says we looked like skating bobbleheads.  This patch was given to sew on to a hockey coat that I never owned.


My WWF Crew
Oh, the hours of fun that these, along with a mix of G.I. Joe’s, A-Team, and bargain shop brutes provided, in the home-made wresting ring that my dad constructed way-back-when!


Still in regular contact with 4/5 of this Western Christian “super group”, I am personally stunned (do I mean “offended”?) that these tracks cannot be had on iTunes.  BUT they can be had in my basement… if you still own a cassette player.


Any classics that you’ve discovered during past bouts of spring cleaning?


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