An Evening With Cosby

Several months ago, my wife bought me a birthday gift — a bucket-list-altering ticket to an event “some evening in the fall”.

Tonight is that evening, and it’s all tied back to a 2002 documentary.

Comedian-300x439Sometime after the end of his famous sitcom, Jerry Seinfeld was featured in a documentary called “Comedian”. It chronicled his journey, from sitcom star back to stand-up comedy. It provided anyone who cared a peek behind the curtain of what is involved in the creating and performing of a carefully crafted and painfully put-together stand-up act.  I found it fascinating.

Many of the best scenes feature Seinfeld in the back rooms of various comedy clubs, chatting with other known or lesser-known comics. They’re trying out jokes, analyzing what works and doesn’t, and shooting the breeze. Perhaps the best visit features Seinfeld and Chris Rock. The tone of the dialog suddenly changes; it gets slower, quieter.  They begin to speak of “someone”, someone whose comedy and career and character impresses them in an unusual way. They marvel at his longevity, at the fact that he had just performed what they thought was his greatest stuff yet. There is almost reverence in the scene, as they speak of Bill Cosby.

Bill-cosbyAnd that was when I made up my mind: I needed to see Cosby perform before one of us could no longer keep the appointment.

Tonight is that night, in Minot, ND.

Happy birthday, indeed!


A Sermon Through A Child’s Ears

hippoLast Sunday morning, our sermon at church focused on the story of Peter joining Jesus in walking on the water. In the midst of that section, I shared a passing story about my daughters and a cartoon hippopotamus. It turns out that these two portions were heard by my five-year-old nephew, who was uninterested in attending kids’ classes and was instead sitting in the back of the auditorium with an aunt.

After service, they recounted to me a conversation they had unfolded during my lesson:

Nephew: “I don’t think uncle Jason knows what he’s talking about.”

Auntie: “Well, I’m pretty sure he probably does.”

Nephew: “No, he definitely doesn’t.”

Brief Pause

Nephew: “Hippos do not walk on water.”

Is it fair to say that I’m hoping most in the room heard the message slightly differently than that?!

Sling Shot Fear

If you love seeing people freak right out on death-defying rides, these two videos will make you howl.

If you don’t appreciate the type of language that can escape people’s lips when they fear for their lives, you may want to click elsewhere. 😉

Kids are Hilarious

Eight days since my last post AND a missed Six-Pack: Sorry, my friends.We are preparing for a week-long holiday next week, and the tying up of loose ends has consumed my time.

So as a sign of my affection for you, I come today armed with the story.

I’m father to three delightful little girls, currently aged four, three, and one. Occasionally, I will give them flippant answers in response to their never-ending questions–sometimes in fun, sometimes in slight irritation.

Three seconds after the van backs out of the driveway, someone small will ask, “What’s for snack?” Most of the time, my kind and well-planned wife will have some goodies for the little mouths. Dad is less well-prepared. If the question comes as a steady whine, my conversation-ending response might be, “Eat your fingers.” They will respond in disbelief, while believing that the dialogue has ended.

Victory, Dad.

This morning, I was in a rush to get to work. Heading to the washroom to get ready, I wanted a little space of my own. My three-year-old (Today is her birthday!) followed me in.

I asked her to go play.

She asked why.

From the wisdom that comes with age, I told her, “Daddy needs to use the potty.”

With the innocence that comes with youth, she inquired, “Why?”

In an effort to be truthful yet tactful, I said, “Something needs to come out.”

In an effort to be inquisitive and still more inquisitive, she pressed, “What?”

With the flippancy of the father in a rush, I replied, “Maybe a dinosaur.”

She appeared to pick up my queue and departed.  Only seconds later, my get-ready time was interrupted as I overheard a freshly-three-year-old voice exclaim, “Mom, Dad said a dinosaur will come out of his bum!”

I might have heard a gasp; I can’t be sure.

The gasp that may or may not have happened was followed by a motherly reply, “I am sure Daddy didn’t say that.”

In the end, I didn’t get to work as quickly as I had envisioned. I hadn’t budgeted for a laugh-till-I-wheeze delay while I brushed my teeth and apparently hatched an ancient beast.



This week has passed unusually quickly–pedal down most of the way.

This morning, my friend Jimeoin injected some extra laughter to help finish strong. (I unsuccessfully tried to set it to start at the 3:10 mark, marked by an abrupt transition into a rant about carrot cake.)

His “eyebrows bit” may be his best.

Two Funny Men

Both of these men were featured on TV last night.

One is trying to be funny; I’m not so sure about the other.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Jerry Seinfeld and Gregg Popovich.