The silence on here is likely making me crazier than anyone else. My apologies, my friends, for the lack of posting lately. This silent stretch has been due to a few unusual factors:

1) Our nearly-always-healthy home has been anything but for much of the last month. Colds and flu bugs have cycled twice through our family, and I dare to dream we are nearly done with this new experience!

2) What started with sick children quickly turned into extremely fragmented night times, which led to sleep-deprived parents, which fueled the cycle of the sickness from the little ones to the big ones. Bundled into the short nights is the disruption of my early morning routines. This led to a breakdown in reading habits, exercise habits, and… my normal blogging time.

3) With health returning and nights stabilizing, I am hopeful that my morning routine, with all of its ingredients, can be regained. That means, more steady devotional habits, a healthier body, and more blogs posted!

Thanks for all of you who love me and my family. We hope your new year is off to a wonderful start!


Come With Me

goldfish jumping out of the water

Wandering & Wondering has moved.

For quite some time, I have been looking at alternate set-ups for this blog, with an eye on ways to develop and further its value in days ahead. Today marks my first observable move: A relocation to jasonbandura.com.

As readers, you’ll visit a site still very much like this one. In time, themes and appearance will be played with, settings and plug-ins will be tweaked, past content will be organized and archived, and new content will be streamlined for better focus and value.

[Huge thanks to my friend Chad for helping the relocation happen. If anyone is in need of the services of a sharp website guy, well-versed in all things WordPress, I can introduce you!]

For today: Two things:

1) Note the move to jasonbandura.com. Update your bookmarks, as all future posts will be over there.

2) Leave me a comment. What would YOU like to see in the future for Wandering & Wondering? I’ve got a few ideas, but you may have some better ones. Let me hear ’em!

An Evening With Cosby

Several months ago, my wife bought me a birthday gift — a bucket-list-altering ticket to an event “some evening in the fall”.

Tonight is that evening, and it’s all tied back to a 2002 documentary.

Comedian-300x439Sometime after the end of his famous sitcom, Jerry Seinfeld was featured in a documentary called “Comedian”. It chronicled his journey, from sitcom star back to stand-up comedy. It provided anyone who cared a peek behind the curtain of what is involved in the creating and performing of a carefully crafted and painfully put-together stand-up act.  I found it fascinating.

Many of the best scenes feature Seinfeld in the back rooms of various comedy clubs, chatting with other known or lesser-known comics. They’re trying out jokes, analyzing what works and doesn’t, and shooting the breeze. Perhaps the best visit features Seinfeld and Chris Rock. The tone of the dialog suddenly changes; it gets slower, quieter.  They begin to speak of “someone”, someone whose comedy and career and character impresses them in an unusual way. They marvel at his longevity, at the fact that he had just performed what they thought was his greatest stuff yet. There is almost reverence in the scene, as they speak of Bill Cosby.

Bill-cosbyAnd that was when I made up my mind: I needed to see Cosby perform before one of us could no longer keep the appointment.

Tonight is that night, in Minot, ND.

Happy birthday, indeed!

Why Beavers are Better than Computers

Wily water-critters with their smacky tails, beavers can dam things.

Flashy control-centers with the wacky apps, computers can damn things worse.

Chunks of my past days have been spent trouble-shooting both my phone (Who knew IOS stood for “Your phone will become a paperweight”?) and my computer. The computer issue is not yet resolved, and it revolves around my Evernote application. I have nothing bad to say about Evernote, which is generally slick as can be. But my program seems to be locked up by a PDF I tried to upload on the weekend.  Multiple opens and closes have solved nothing. A re-load might be next.

Most of this is relevant to this blog only because I use Evernote to collect all my Six-Pack candidates.

And that’s why I’ve now missed a second edition of the struggling-to-be-weekly feature.

So I will continue to pound away at the Evernote elephant. And if that doesn’t work, I’m hiring out all my tech needs to beavers. If things are going to be this plugged up, there might as well be some buck-teethed furry fellows running the show.

A Sermon Through A Child’s Ears

hippoLast Sunday morning, our sermon at church focused on the story of Peter joining Jesus in walking on the water. In the midst of that section, I shared a passing story about my daughters and a cartoon hippopotamus. It turns out that these two portions were heard by my five-year-old nephew, who was uninterested in attending kids’ classes and was instead sitting in the back of the auditorium with an aunt.

After service, they recounted to me a conversation they had unfolded during my lesson:

Nephew: “I don’t think uncle Jason knows what he’s talking about.”

Auntie: “Well, I’m pretty sure he probably does.”

Nephew: “No, he definitely doesn’t.”

Brief Pause

Nephew: “Hippos do not walk on water.”

Is it fair to say that I’m hoping most in the room heard the message slightly differently than that?!

Like a Drummer with Tourettes

this-is-your-brain-on-gadgetsI can hardly see an egg frying without flashing back to those old ads:

This is your brain.
This is your brain on drugs.

My version:

This is your life.
This is your life on summer.

The past month of life has played out to the rhythm of a drummer with tourettes.  Fragmented portions of time, with half-completed tasks filling the gaps between Trip A and Event B and Emergency C and Surprise D. Rinse and repeat with no particular pattern.

Part of me says, “Hey that’s summer holidays.” Another part of me says, “Hey that’s enough!”  A month ago, I’d have told you–with some measure of satisfaction–that I had finally established some positive and productive patterns: Bedtimes and wake-ups, exercise and diet, reading and prayer.  It frustrates me to have no such things to talk about today; I’ve been undone by summer.

Some will laugh at one guy’s need for structure, but I just fail to find the steadiness I need without it. Haphazard hasn’t equated to health for me even once.

So I sit at the drawing board again, labouring to sketch our how to best re-arrive at a place I recently enjoyed and how to discover an even better stride for life.

YOUR TURN: As summer fades and routine re-enters, what life-patterns (if any) are you seeking to (re)establish for the year ahead?  Leave a comment to inspire or challenge another reader.  You make this post better!

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Time to Move It!

Typed-WriterOver a year ago, I made a public declaration on this blog.

On the heels of that move, I wanted to write more.

Some time later, I altered sleep habits to create more time for it. And the production of blog posts went up.

Now it’s time for another change.

What I really want to write is a book.

What I really want write is several.

And what I really cannot handle is pumping minutes and keystrokes into blogging AND books. Something has to shift.

So, here is my compromise.

I will continue to blog with the goal of sharing three times weekly:

1) A video or quote discovered along the way.

2) The Six-Pack each weekend for further resource sharing.

3) One original post per week, likely related to or taken from what has come out of my writing time each week. Sometimes these will simply be shared; other times, I will solicit feedback and response from your sharp eyes and minds.

I’ve made baby steps toward being more faithful to my declaration. Time to kick it up another notch!