Come With Me

goldfish jumping out of the water

Wandering & Wondering has moved.

For quite some time, I have been looking at alternate set-ups for this blog, with an eye on ways to develop and further its value in days ahead. Today marks my first observable move: A relocation to

As readers, you’ll visit a site still very much like this one. In time, themes and appearance will be played with, settings and plug-ins will be tweaked, past content will be organized and archived, and new content will be streamlined for better focus and value.

[Huge thanks to my friend Chad for helping the relocation happen. If anyone is in need of the services of a sharp website guy, well-versed in all things WordPress, I can introduce you!]

For today: Two things:

1) Note the move to Update your bookmarks, as all future posts will be over there.

2) Leave me a comment. What would YOU like to see in the future for Wandering & Wondering? I’ve got a few ideas, but you may have some better ones. Let me hear ’em!


Meandering Mystic

For years, I’ve stumbled across quotes and concepts attributed to “the mystics”. Much of the time, these findings have come like flecks of gold brightening and en-valuing the stream in which they sit.

I confess that this discovery has evolved into a minor obsession with mysticism. In a recent post, I acknowledged that blogging was being bumped backward in my priority list to free up time and energy for larger writing projects. One of those revolves around mysticism.

At one point, I had started a second blog aimed with the intent of focusing all of its content on mysticism. Would you believe maintaining two blogs was more work than maintaining one? So I will now proceed to move those posts over to this site one at a time. Here is the first post, originally written on May 30, 2011, as introduction to soon-to-be-extinct site: Meandering Mystic.


A meandering mystic.


That might describe me.  At the least, it speaks of someone I hope to be.


The word “mysticism” planted itself in my mind years ago.  Each day, I see a few more sprigs of what has been growing ever since.


The term itself can cause confusion; the mere sound of the word sets off connections with “mystery”, translated internally as “weird” or “nutty” or “cuckoo”.


However, at its heart, mysticism speaks of experience with God, of tasting of His presence in a tangible way.  Pressed further, it can even allude to a sensed union of human with Divine.


Perhaps the phrasing of that last sentence does border on “out there”, but my soul feels a real need for more of God.  And if it isn’t real on an experiential level, then it feels like little more than intellectual consideration of concepts such as God.


And that type of spiritual life has nothing to offer this fellow, who has lived on that level for too many days already.


So I meander, with the word “mystic” to guide me.  Perhaps I’ll arrive there yet.

Back on the Blogging Horse

I do not own a horse, never mind one that writes.

However, developing a steady writing rhythm has seemed nearly as impossible as discovering a pen-wielding pony!  Over my blogging journey, I have been bucked off more times than I can count.  But this latest two-month silence has been the hardest.

I WANT to write.  Less than four months ago, I even took a dare to assert this identity with four blunt words: I am a writer.

Did I jinx myself? Scare myself? Did the birth of our third child, all of whom are currently four and younger, have something to do with it?

I don’t believe the first, I might buy the second, and I definitely embrace the third, though I refuse to use it as a full-blown excuse.  There is never a perfect time to take a step forward; resistance and upward slope are always present.  I do not deny the uniqueness to our little-kids season of life, but I also recognize the foolishness of awaiting ideal conditions before moving one’s feet.

Perhaps this post can be one such step, the throwing of a leg back over a saddle that I insist on filling.

Let’s ride, my friends.

Butter on Bread

In our home, “Lord of the Rings” is the standard by which every other film or story is measured.  Within the earliest portions of that tale is a conversation between Gandalf the wizard and Bilbo Baggins, the hobbit.  Bilbo has a secret plan:

“I’m old, Gandalf. I know I don’t look it, but I’m beginning to feel it in my heart. I feel… thin. Sort of stretched, like… butter scraped over too much bread. I need a holiday. A very long holiday. And I don’t expect I shall return. In fact I mean not to.”

Butter spread thin over bread: There’s an easy image to grasp.

Unlike Bilbo, I’m not sure I really need a vacation, and I don’t feel old, and I’m not sure if I look it, and I don’t intend to leave.

But I do feel like butter spread too thin.

Current days are wonderful ones: I work a job in which I find significance and satisfaction much of the time, I love a wife who is better than I deserve, I cherish three little ones that are true treasures to me, and I enjoy a circle of friends who add much to my life.  I am healthy, wealthy (by every reasonable standard), and wise (in the sense that my mind DOES work)!

That said, life is full and fast right now.  Every day ends with a dozen things I should have done but didn’t.  One of those is blogging.  That bugs me because I love stringing ideas together and pressing them into words.  I enjoy drafting posts; I love editing them.

And I cannot get to either lately!

Despite my desires to grow the site (I’m working on completely new design–another task that has been temporarily pushed to the margins), time is simply not available at present.

So in an effort toward some inner quiet, I am striking this item from my daily list for a couple weeks.  Perhaps stating this here publicly will allow me to be less disappointed with myself each time I fail to make it happen in a day that provides next to no flexibility.  I know this is a season: Short nights, long days, three little ones under four, a string of wedding weekends and family visits.  Eventually, my early hours will again be dedicated to blogging and not to tackling work that won’t fit into the normal office hours.

But that is not now… not quite anyway.

My activity on Twitter will continue to be steady (the time commitment isn’t nearly the same), and I will strive to keep the Saturday Six-Pack rolling over the next two weeks as an outlet to share worthwhile items I find online.  And as soon as even a sliver of light peeks through, then I will begin tackling the list of ideas I have for original posts aimed at fueling you along the journey toward deeper life and clearer perspectives.

If you wish to subscribe to my Twitter feed (for a steady stream of article links and thoughtful quotes) or this site (to be aware of when full activity resumes here), head over the right side of this screen.  I look forward to interacting with you.

Grace and peace, my friends.  Live today in the assurance that God will always give us sufficient butter for our bread!