Six-Pack (47)

September long weekend: The start of school, the “end” of summer. Whatever you call it, it’s come and gone one more time.

Here’s the latest Six-Pack–faith-focused and ministry-minded pieces with a bit of who-knows-what!

On the heels of the holiday, two *Picks of the Week* provide an easy starting point, if you need some direction.


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Today’s edition:

1) A Writer in 1964 Pretty Much Predicted What Life in 2014 Would Look Like
That writer was Isaac Asimov, and this is fairly wild.

2) How Richard Wurmbrand Spent Three Years of Solitary Confinement with Christ
I’ve received newsletters from Voice of the Martyrs for nearly fifteen years. Their founder Richard Wurmbrand is a pretty inspiring man, as this ten-minute video will show.

3) The Obedience of the Second Adam and the True Israel (*PICK OF THE WEEK*)
Don’t get me wrong: “Son of God” is an appropriate name for Jesus. But I’m not convinced it’s his most fascinating one. Two of those nominees are here for consideration.

4) Three Things You Don’t Know about Your Children and Sex (*PICK OF THE WEEK*)
Anne Marie Miller shares this parent-freaking piece. If you’ve got kids, this is worth your time. And after you read, pray.

5) What Makes Spirituality Christian: A Conversation with Dallas Willard
I cannot overstate the respect with which I held the late Dallas Willard. This brief interview gives some peek into his insightful mind and clarity of thought and tongue.

6) The Day Larry Bird Stopped the Pacers’ Practice in its Tracks
How fun is it when your team is run by an NBA legend? Paul George will tell you.

September brings with it plentiful opportunities. Move forward in faith and faithfulness, my friends.

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Saturday Six-Pack (17)

Welcome to the weekend, a prime time for some “Wandering & Wondering”.

This weekend’s Six-Pack features a half-dozen of the best online bits I’ve read recently: About faith, about ministry, about who-knows-what.

If you need help prioritizing, note my two “Picks of the Week”, and roll on from there.

In this edition:

1) Winged Enemies
Each Sunday, Skye Jethani‘s four-year-old daughter warns the family, “We’re going to church. Watch out for poop.”  And with that introduction, I suggest you go read the rest of this article on spiritual warfare.

2) Risky Sex
Talk of “safe sex” is foolishness, according to Michael Hidalgo.  Even more, if it DID exist, who would want it?  Risky sex is where it’s at! **PICK OF THE WEEK**

3) Unequally Yoked
That is the new blog title of Leah Libresco, a prominent atheist blogger in some circles, who recently caused ripples with her post, “This is my last post for the Patheos Atheist Portal”.  In it, she briefly recounts her gradual conversion to Catholicism.  A summary by Scot McKnight can be read HERE, and Google can quickly provide you with more than a pile of responses and replies.

4) Why Smart People are Stupid
The New Yorker presented this piece on how your smartness may actually work against you.

5) It’s Not About the Dream
VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer turns to a jellyfish for new inspiration, new ventures, and a new way of doing business.  This is the story behind the man, behind Larry the Cucumber and Bob the Tomato, and it involves more convicting and repenting than you might expect.

6) Are You a Saint or a Scorpion
The memorable fable drives home a great point… or several! **PICK OF THE WEEK**

Enjoy your weekend, friends, through renewing yourself and reverencing God.

Saturday Six-Pack (9)

Final weekend of April, and another Saturday Six-Pack.

If you’re “Wandering & Wondering” for the first time, every Saturday’s post features a half-dozen online offerings that have been impacting to me recently.  Typically, these articles are faith-focused or ministry-geared, but the “disorderly pile of who-knows-what” tagline at the top of this page catches everything outside of that!


1) Prisons and Other Places the Kingdom Takes Root
Philip Yancey reflects on a few surprising places he has witnessed the work and wonder of God.

2) People God Uses
From the preface of “Accounts of Revival”, Ray Ortlund brings this list of qualities seen consistently in the men and women that God uses in revival movements.  You could be one of these!

3) The Secret Sexual Revolution
Recent research has shown that the call for abstinence, once heralded loudly among Christian youth, is falling upon deaf ears… or upon ears attached to bodies that are unable or unwilling to execute “true love waits”.  Relevant Magazine offers an insightful look behind this reality.

4) God Uses Broken Leaders… Like Me
Shane Sebastian was shocked to consider himself as a broken leader.  Even more shocking, he was certainly not alone!

5) Making Time
Need more of God?  Deeper connection?  Nourishment down to your core?  Ann Voskamp offers you a few words in that direction.

6) Why Moving the Needle a Little Makes a Huge Difference
Ever feel overwhelmed at life?  So much to do, so much to be, so much to change.  Where to begin?  In two words, start small.  Two more words: Then go.  Spence Smith wants you to know the power of small movements.

Have a great weekend, friends–renew yourself and reverence God.