Stupid Theo

The conversation below gave me one of the better laughs I’ve had in a while.  It was between 14-year-old Reid and his barely-9-year-old brother, Jesse.  They were splitting a fruit bar.

Reid: “Here Jesse, let me split it in half.”

Jesse: “Well, I get the bigger half.”

Reid: “Well, theoretically, if it’s split in half, they’ll both be the same size.”

(Reid carefully tears the bar in half.)

Jesse: (Carefully eyes the pieces and chooses his; takes a bit and does a victory dance) “I got the bigger half!  I got the bigger half!  I got the bigger half.”

(Jesse now approaches Reid with a slight smirk.  With a sliver of arrogance in his voice, he goes on…)

Jesse: “It looks like Theo was wrong.”

If you didn’t get it, you’re right there with most of those who were listening to this the first time around.

One thought on “Stupid Theo

  1. those three boys never fail to bring a smile to my face. i’m glad they can provide you all with some good laughs during your travels.

    it’s good to hear bits and pieces about things so far. i can’t wait to see pictures and videos, and hear more stories!


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